Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Photos

For Easter we travelled up to Ohio to visit my mother and the rest of the gang. We drove through the night Thursday so that the kids would be asleep which was a very smart idea. They slept really well and Jonathan only woke up to eat once on our trip. (About a 9 hour drive) Friday we just hung out with the family. Saturday we took the boys to get pictures taken. Since my nephew Andrew was at mom's too, she wanted to get a picture of all three grandbabies together. The boys were surprisingly cooperative. Jonathan just smiled away. He was so happy. Aaron generally smiled and then stopped just about the time she snapped the picture. Andrew didn't want his picture taken though. It was naptime! Saturday night, we colored almost 20 dozen eggs. Sunday was church and then a Very long nap for Aaron. When he woke up it was time to eat, hunt eggs and get baskets. And Monday, we drove through the day and headed home. The boys travelled well and we made good time. It was a long weekend, but a good one.
This week, I am knee deep in cake. I have a tiered Fancy Nancy cake to do, a tiered cake for a masquerade ball, and a tiered cake for Jeanne's baby shower. LOTS of work. It's gonna be a long couple of days...