Friday, November 7, 2008

Two Weeks Old!

Jonathan is two weeks old already! I can't believe it! He is already growing so much. When he was born, we had to fold preemie diapers in half just to fit him and now they are fitting just fine unfolded. It's amazing. He goes on Wednesday for a check-up, and I am very anxious to see how much he weighs now. He eats like a little piggy. so I am sure he has gained weight in the last two weeks.
At the hospital, Aaron got Jonathan a monkey. Here are two pictures of Jonathan with his monkey. The first is from the hospital. The second was taken yesterday at two weeks old.


Kristy, better known as Mommy said...

Wow, he really has grown a lot in just 2 weeks! They get big so fast!

DisneyWorldFan said...

very cute pictures!

Ang said...

Too precious! Are all the sickies in your house gone?