Monday, June 23, 2008

Bye bye sickness... hello...more sickness...

Well... thankfully the weekend is over and hopefully the sickness with it! Aaron got sick last week and was running a very high fever. Thankfully by Friday afternoon, it was pretty much gone, however, then I got it BAD! About 3:00 Friday morning, I woke up with stomach pains that had me doubling over and bawling my eyes out because they hurt so bad. I also got all the other yucky side effects of sickness including vomiting... yuck!!! Dan took me to the emergency room and they concluded after several blood tests and other tests that it was a really bad flu bug. They put me on an IV with fluids as well as pain medication and anti-nausea meds. I felt great for a while. As soon as the meds wore off, it sucked again, but thankfully things were not as bad. By Saturday night, I was feeling a bit better and by Sunday pretty good for the most part, but now, I'm feeling great thankfully. Unfortunately... Dan left for work this morning feeling sick to his stomach... I hope he doesn't get it as bad as I did and I hope it goes away quick!

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