Friday, September 12, 2008

Moments I'm glad I didn't miss.

I have missed a few posts over the last two weeks and wanted to include some of the fun moments we have had lately. Aaron has just been doing some cute things that I wanted to share.
He dressed himself as Darth Vader while we were watching Star Wars. After this, we found a really cute Darth Vader costume and are going to dress him as Vader for Halloween. The other day, he walked around the house with just one shoe on and had a great time. He didn't want me to take it off.
He wore himself out!
He put his crocs on himself to walk around the house and was so proud of himself. He came over and asked me to take a picture. Notice... they are on the wrong feet. So cute!
We also have been playing in his bedroom a lot and getting him used to having his own toddler bed even though he won't sleep in it yet. He thinks it's a blast. And another silly face made at Mommy... I love when he makes silly faces. He tries to get me to make them back.

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DisneyWorldFan said...

I LOVE the last picture!! that is too funny!