Friday, September 12, 2008

Sept. 11th- Dan's 26th Birthday

Yesterday was Dan's birthday. For his birthday, he requested chinese food, so we ordered First Wok and sat at home as a family eating Chinese and watching more Star Wars. After dinner, Aaron and I surprised him with a little coconut cake. I realize it's not a spectacular cake, but I only had a few minutes to decorate it. And he will get another cake on Sunday when we celebrate with the whole family. Aaron helped me to carry out the cake to Dan. He tried blowing out the candles the entire time we were carrying it.
So, Dan let him help blow out the candles.
Then he was a mooch eating much of Dan's cake.
And when Dan wasn't fast enough, he tried to bite off the side of the cake.

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DisneyWorldFan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!! Sorry I didn't know that sooner!! I love how Aaron is eatting the cake!