Monday, August 25, 2008

28 weeks pregnant and counting down to baby

Well... here it is, my 28 week pregnancy picture. Some of you have been wanting me to post one so you can see, so I took one for you this morning. If I look a little sleepy... It was morning... and I'm pregnant... enough said. This Friday I get to go in for a checkup as well as my glucose test and the amniocentesis shot Yeehaw... grumble grumble. I'm growing, the baby is growing, and we only have 12 weeks left. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
Only 12 weeks. That seems so close. I'm not ready yet! We still have to get either a toddler bed for Aaron or another crib for the baby. We also need to get a few little essentials like diapers and such for the new baby. We've decided to try cloth for the most part with this one with the hopes of saving a few bucks in the long run. Our favorites are Wonderoos. They go down to newborn size and all the way up to well... the size Aaron is now all in one diaper. If anyone is looking for a gift for us for the new baby, these diapers would be much appreciated! Any cloth diapers really, but I just happen to be partial to these. We've used them some with Aaron and really like them a lot. Aside from that, we have clothes for the most part because this baby can wear Aaron's old clothes. I need some nursing essentials, and we'll be pretty much set. (Infant Tylenol Drops, Mylicon, and baby wipes are also on our list of needs for the new baby... LOTS and LOTS of all three)


DisneyWorldFan said...

GREAT list!!! I like it!! Love the picture too! not much longer now and you will be holding a cute little bundle!!

Kristy, better known as Mommy said...

You look so cute! I'm glad you posted a picture, I think you look great! And we love our cloth diapers, too--I need to start buying some for the new baby. It is amazing how fast these pregnancies are going by for both of us! Our babies will be here soon!