Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Today, Jennifer and I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for a day of fun. I spent the day with a little Aaron glued to my hip! He didn't want anything to do with the place for the first hour and a half we were there. He wouldn't even let me put him down. He finally lightened up and started having a little fun after he ate some pizza. The skeeball helped too, but only because I let him keep one of the balls out and carry it around for a while. He even let Zack take him up in the tubes to crawl around.

Eating Pizza

Crawling through the tubes

I love this picture because it was the first time he had smiled all morning!

He enjoyed pretending to drive the car for the Mario Kart game.

And he loved helping the kids to put their 1000+ tickets into the machine!

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DisneyWorldFan said...

very cute!! You got some good pictures!! I think it will be fun to take them again soon. And I am glad he likes his "cheese" ball!! hahaha