Friday, August 1, 2008

It's clearly a BOY!!

We had our second ultrasound today and finally got to find out that we are having a BOY! there was no mistaking it! We are so excited. I think Dan is overjoyed. I think he would have been a little nervous with a girl. It will be good for all of us to have another boy in the house.
We got lots of pictures too. The tech was in a really good mood this afternoon. There were still some measurements that she could not get because our little boy wouldn't cooperate, so we go for another ultrasound at 30 weeks which will be around the second week of September.
I'm not looking forward to my next appointment at the end of August though. It will be the least fun appointment. I have to do the gestational diabetes glucose test where they get to take my blood (from veins they will have difficulty finding and probably poke me several times and move the needle around until they finally find one). Then I get to drink a sugary orange drink and get my blood drawn again. Not only that, I also have to get a shot at me next appointment on top of all of that. Yuck! Anyways, here are the new baby pictures which I am so excited to share. Oh and by the way, he tried to cover himself with his hand again so that we couldn't tell what he was. Little Stinker!
On the left of this picture is clear proof that it's a boy. On the right is the profile just because she needed something to put on the other side.
These are the feet. The left is the bottom of one of his feet and on the right you can see the bottom of one foot and the side of the other. I already think he has cute feet! They are shaped like his Daddy's feet too (and Aaron's).

This was for my mom! She has been trying to convince me that it was going to be a girl. so the tech took this picture just for her. If you look in the middle of the black circle, you can see the boy parts VERY CLEARLY. As a matter of fact, that's all you can see. I think it's great, so Mom, this one's for you! It's a boy!Here is a picture of the baby's face and belly. And here are two profile pics of the baby. The bottom one is my favorite because he definitely has Dan's nose!!! and you can see his little lips so well.


DisneyWorldFan said...

I think you got some great pictures!! I am sooo excited for you guys!! Aaron is going to have so much fun with a little brother!

Kristy, better known as Mommy said...

Congrats on your new baby boy!!!!!! I am so excited for you. Him and Aaron will be such great buddies, it's so fun! Great pictures, too, he's adorable!