Monday, July 21, 2008

This weekend

I just wanted to include some of the cute pictures from our weekend. A few are from Thursday and Friday, but they were just so adorable that I wanted to post them for everyone to see.

When I was prepping craft stuff for VBS, Aaron wanted to help. He made his own bird mask. This was before we added the beak and such.
He used the paper towel rolls for VBS and played drums on the clothes basket. (Note: he picked out his outfit! He got into his dresser and pulled the outfit out and insisted that I put it on him)
Someday, he will regret that I took this picture, but I love it. He was running around in his cloth diaper and Daddy's hat. He likes to hug his little monkey backpack. Aaron helped Daddy fix the Vacuum. he stuck the screwdriver in every available hole. Daddy put him to bed on Saturday night and he fell asleep cuddling his Mickey Mouse.

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DisneyWorldFan said...

first of all, your son knows a good outfit when he sees one, he knows what cartoon character to fall in love with, and he is all boy!!! haha