Tuesday, July 8, 2008


On Saturday the 5th, Atlanta had their fireworks. We took Aaron even though we knew he would be very tired. The fireworks didn't start until after 9:00 which is past his bedtime. We asked Aaron if he wanted to go, and he got his shoes on, got his stroller, and kept telling us "fireworks" "park", so we went to the ballpark around 8:30. Before the fireworks started, Aaron played with the rocks in front of our chairs. Whenever people would walk by, he stuck his arms up and tried to get a hug. One lady actually gave him one. He was very happy about that, but then he thought that everyone else should too.

When his Aunt Jeanne got there with her crutches, he didn't care much about the rocks anymore. As soon as the fireworks started, he got very intrigued. After the first two or three bangs, he buried his head on hid daddy and didn't want anything to do with them. I put his ear plugs in and then he was okay to watch the fireworks. He still laid his head on Daddy to watch them though.

During the second half of the fireworks, he fell asleep. Apparently the earplugs really worked because I don't know how anyone could sleep through those bangs as loud as they were!

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